Sustainable Nutrition (SN)

Our sole mission is to produce the highest quality astaxanthin in the world. The company was spun out of Sustainable Aquatics in 2016 after years of development . SN has learned how to produce and administer an astaxanthin that optimizes the color, fecundity, growth, and health of SA's fish. Unlike most all other astaxanthin produced from Haematoccocus pluvialis (HP), SN's astaxanthin is 100% produced from HP in a carefully controlled environment and extracted with high efficiency without the use of CO2 extraction. SN's astaxanthin is never exposed to the toxins or biological agents found an uncontrolled outdoor environment or from untreated well or city water. All water used for growing and processing is filtered with reverse osmosis and sterilized before use. Our extraction process never exposes the astaxanthin to CO2 , oxygen, or air. There are no large particles remaining; it is a molecular solute in an oil of your choice. Upon request, biomass from the HP can easily be separated, providing a nearly pure solute of the carotenoids in solution of the oil of your choice. SN's astaxanthin meets all requirements for approved applications as a dietary ingredient for human and animal feeds. At high quality and competitive cost, we believe users of our product will find it by far the most efficient, powerful, and economic form of astaxanthin for approved applications.

The SN Advantage


Our proprietary cracking process produces 10X smaller molecules vs. our competitors using C02.


The resulting stereoisomers from SN's process are highly bioavailable.


Ultraclean, controlled production environment.

A Few Examples in Nature

Astaxanthin plays a key role in the color and health of many animals.


The flamingo gets its bright pink color through its diet of astaxanthin-rich foods.


Astaxanthin is the principal pigment leading to the pink color of salmon.


Lobsters' deep red color comes from an Astaxanthin-rich diet.


Sustainable Aquatics uses Astaxanthin to improve the colors of their clowfnish.